Received January 02, 2020

Well Bugger Me They Work,

Over the last 6 weeks we have been evaluating if These AirTabs work and we are pleased to report they gave fuel savings of around 2.92L per 100kms, we measured this on our regular run to Christchurch as we know this road and can almost set our watch’s by how long it takes and how much fuel we use, over past runs we would normally get to Amberley with 180-200kms towing range left on our last 2 trips with AirTabs we had 269 & 274kms left and battled heavy winds which leads me onto my next point as anybody that tows a box type trailer knows side winds are not your friend but I was pleasantly surprised at the difference these made, comfortable driving even 1 handed with gentle trailer movements rather than catching the gusts, the other thing I noticed was the trailer seemed very settled and not jittering around on normal towing,

We Highly recommend them to anybody that tows a box trailer or drives a box truck or tows a multi box unit,

Check them out at

Airtab Utility trailer Airtab Utility trailer Airtab Utility trailer Airtab Utility trailer Airtab Utility trailer

Received July 28, 2015

Hi. Mr. Airtab,

I have 2 trailers, one a 5' x 8' and a 6' x 16' 5,000 lb. trailer. Last year I installed your Airtabs on both trailers. I use my larger trailer more so then my smaller one and have noticed my trailer does not sway anymore. I have had my larger trailer for 14 years now and I have towed it all over Ontario. Attached are 3 pictures of both my trailers. The Airtabs look good on my DeWalt trailer because the Black Airtabs stand out on the Yellow trailer. My 2011 Ford Explorer gets great gas "kilometer-age" so I can't say the Airtabs save me gas money but they stop me swaying.

Yours in racing,

Nascar Bob

Airtab Utility trailer Airtab Utility trailer Airtab Utility trailer

October 11, 2014

Jack, This is Randy. My cousin Chuck & I stopped in Colorado on 9/24/14 and installed 51 air tabs on my trailer. I said that I would touch base with you after I returned home (in Maryland) to let you know how the tabs worked out.

  • The back of the trailer stayed clean as advertised (amazing).
  • There was noticeable reduced drag at hwy speeds when letting off the gas. (we drove at 60 mph throughout the trip)
  • Better stability in wind and traffic (as advertised)
w/o Airtabs with Airtabs
Miles Traveled 1799 Miles Traveled 3482
Fuel Used 145.649 Fuel Used 253.695
Fuel Cost $ 490.33 Fuel Cost $ 862.57
Avg. MPG 12.35 Avg. MPG 13.73
Avg. cosr per gal. $ 3.36 Avg. cosr per gal. $ 3.40


This worked out to be:

  • 1.37 MPG avg. increase
  • 11.1% Improvement
  • 28.02 gal. saved
  • $ 95.89 ROI

So that worked out be a 64.6% return on investment just based on the return trip.

I am very happy with my purchase.,

Randy N.

Airtab Utility trailer

Received November 15, 2005


Now there are nearly six thousand miles of travel on my four-horse trailer with the AIRTABS in place - round trips from Central NY to; Maine, North Carolina, Texas, then Maryland. I will say with absolute certainty that stability is considerably improved. It takes quite a crosswind to move the rig around and all you feel from semis is a little "push" or "pull" as they approach and pass (or the other way 'round) - staying in your own lane is a lot easier.

Mileage was more difficult to gauge, as we mostly had only memory to guide us - but that memory remembered one tank below 10mpg and only one above 11.5. This year, with only the addition of one horse being different from last, we did not get less than 10.2mpg, with most being between 11 and 11.3. I would surmise an improvement of about .40mpg at least - very welcome on trips with $3/gal fuel! It isn't really a large improvement - about 4.5% - but with all the variables (particularly fuel delivery systems), I am not

comfortable making a larger claim.

I still have enough left to work on the truck/trailer gap, which I'll address when I find the "right" fairing or wind deflector to use them on.

Still pleased,

Jim G.

Airtab Utility trailer

Received December 15, 2006 Jack, The airtabs on my trailer worked exactly as the testimonials on your site. However that was no surprise to me, as I have done a fair amount of research on the topic of truck/trailer areo and aero in general. The most noticeable benefit was stability, particularly noticeable when passing or being passed by big rigs. A slight benefit may be found in mpg, but I have not done conclusive / back to back / scientific methodology on that. I would guess maybe 5% gain. It seems the wing still is an additional benefit in addition to the airtabs, but would like to eliminate its use with airtabs on the trailing edges of the truck. Like everyone said on your site...the drivability improvement was enough to justify their installation, mpg gains are there too and are icing on the cake. Thanks, Scott R, California

Airtab Utility trailer Airtab Utility trailer

Received March 12, 2006 Jack, The attached pictures show my installation. In headwind, tailwind, and crosswind situations the trailer followed well and seemed as if not there!!! Last night we ran into extremely heavy rain and observed upon returning home an interesting "dirt" pattern from the side rivets on the trailer. Where the Airtabs were on the truck, for the first time we had "dirt" streams showing the airflow changes. Where the Airtabs were not installed on the body of the truck, there were no airflow indicators from behind the rivets. We will try to get a picture of those marks due to the fact that it's too darn cold to wash! That picture alone may be quite interesting. It certainly was for us. I believe the product performed well throughout the entire trip and had several lookers at gas stops. The mileage return from the trip is most interesting. We added one additional 700+ pound motorcycle and two average-sized adults as well as their luggage to our trip and actually received 8% increased fuel mileage over prior trips, which we keep detailed records of and have had only one motorcycle and the two of us in the past. Tom H. Appleton, WI

Airtab Utility trailer

Nov 5, 2005

Hi Jack: I will document our trip from Las Vegas, Nevada to Bristol, Tennessee wherein we experienced approximately a 6.5% increase in fuel economy and experienced much more stable pulling during severe wind conditions. We have not experienced any moisture to date, so I cannot attest to increased visibility from the rearview mirrors or a cleaner rear door area. We will be leaving the Bristol area and heading north to Detroit and we should experience moisture during that segment of the trip. I will update the report at that time. Our experience is just as you represented with a significant increase in fuel economy and stability. We were the feature car in the Mothers Polish nd Waxes Booth at SEMA. Our car is the sole feature car in their 2006 Products Catalog which will be distributed worldwide. I have already recommended AirTabs to several people and have either given them printed literature or referred them to your website.

Best regards,

Rich U. Swan Lake, Montana

Airtab, LLC would like you to view the show car that Rich hauls in his Airtab equipped trailer.

Airtab Utility trailer

Received January 18, 2006



Received January 19, 2006

Hi Jack: We were also in wind yesterday, and I did notice increased stability. As I have previously reported, we are experiencing 1.3 mile per gallon increase since installed the airtabs. We are certainly more than satisfied with your product and have recommended it on several occasions, the latest being at the Pittsburgh show to the promoters and various club members on hand at move in yesterday, which I know have and will result in sales for your company.

Thanks for a great product.


Airtab Utility trailer Airtab Utility trailer

September 2005

Dear Jack,

Enclosed are a couple of photos of my tractor with your Airtabs installed. Sorry, but my pictures were more about the boats than about my tractor. I used your Airtabs on my tractor hauling boats coast to coast. It would have been difficult for me to say exactly if I in fact saw 6% savings in fuel. My loads varied so much and with weather and winds and going up hill on the west trip and basically down hill on the east trip it would have been very difficult to accurately calculate. However one thing that I immediately noticed after I installed your Airtabs was that I went "Straight down the road" . I was so noticeable that I commented to several of my driver colleagues how easy it was to drive my rig as I was really going straight down the road. Moreover, one could analyze that I were going straight down the road and also getting less dirt build up on the back of my tractor that the Airtabs were in fact directing that air turbulence down the side of my boats and I was going through the air much more smoothly and therefore getting better fuel mileage.

I have taken the "wings" and overcab air foil off but will be replacing the Airtabs on the tractor and adding Airtabs to our 5th wheel RV when we start doing some serious travel next year..

Richard K. Fredericksburg, TX

Airtab, LLC note to this statement. Richard is retiring and will be using his tractor to pull his 5th wheel RV. He wants to decrease the frontal pressure by removing the overcab airfoil

Airtab Utility trailer Airtab Utility trailer