Received July. 28, 2022

Hi Jack,

I just wanted to share. I put your Airtabs on my lightweight Sonic Venture. Before Airtabs the trailer would be wobbling down the road, even with a weight distribution hitch. Our gas mileage was 10-15 mpg. Which is terrible for a 2005 Ford escape. We recently went to Cedar Crest NM from Eagle Nest NM, about 150 miles one way. I was pleasantly surprised at how great the handling was. The gas mileage also increased to an average of 15-18 MPG. I also put Airtabs on the back of the Escape.

They are well worth the investment. Airtabs have made pulling my travel trailer a more pleasant experience and definitely not so tiring.



Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV

Received Feb. 15, 2022

Mr. Latimer,

Can't thank you enough! First trip with my new Airtabs already increased my mileage by 4 miles per gallon! My bigger surprise was handling! Our trailer doesn't do the shimmy in wind or more importantly, when big rigs pass us!

Looking forward to sharing your website with everyone I meet!

Thanks again!

Staff Sergeant,

Airtab RV Airtab RV

Received Sept. 08, 2020

Frank's Rig from Aurora ON

Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV
  Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV

Received Sept. 24, 2019


Picked up the Airtabs 2 weekends ago and installed in 79 degree weather in NB Canada last Sunday September 22, 2019


Earl, Canada

Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV
  Airtab RV Airtab RV

Received Sept. 11, 2017


I installed the air tabs on the driver's side and the roof. For the trailer's corrugated side I used a piece of white drip edge with 1/4" thick pieces of wood to fill the hollows and caulked the leading edge. I couldn't be happier with the results!!!

Except for when a truck overtakes me while on a left-hand curve I no longer feel any effects of the trucks, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I don't even care about any gas mileage savings and would have paid well over $1,000 for your product had I known how well it works for passing trucks. I no longer fear their approach in my mirrors. You've got a real winner and I am surprised by how few I see on other trucks and campers.

Thankyou, thank you, thank you.



Airtab RV Airtab RV

A followup on how Edward did the install

Received Sept. 12, 2017

Hello Jack,

More on my installation.

I made sufficient 1/4" X 2" X 4" blocks to fill all of the valleys on the siding then cemented them in place with caulking compound. I cut the drip edge to length and installed the air tabs on it before applying the finished panel to the rear of the trailer which had been prepped by running two parallel beads of caulking from top to bottom. I them used self tapping round headed sheet metal screws to fasten the panel to the trailer side, water-proofing each screw with clear Goop. Lastly I filled the leading edge of the aluminum with a fairing of weather-proof caulk.

We have now been about 2000 miles with the tabs and as I wrote earlier, I LOVE THEM!!! It is almost hard to believe how well they work for eliminating the vacuum of passing trucks and the associated swaying of my trailer. The only exception is when an overtaking semi passes me during a left hand curve but now I can usually time that to avoid it. I also cannot yet comment on wind effects but I will when I get some experience. Today we are avoiding Irma by staying put in a campground in northern South Carolina. That's why the photos have grey skies and the trailer is wet.


Note: When asked why Airtabs on only two sides, Ted said he ran out of time to finish the installation before leaving on his trip to South Carolina. But will finish the install on the curb side when he returns home.

Received March 23, 2017


I installed Airtabs on my 2017 Starcraft Launch travel trailer last year. Please note the attached pictures. I tow the trailer with a 2015 Ford F150 with the 3.5 Eccoboost engine. I have been testing the tabs for several months. By far, the most significant improvement in performance I have seen is the lack of any kind of sway when being passed by, or passing by any large truck, trailer or motor home. The difference is amazing! I have also noted a small improvement in gas mileage; from around 9.5 to 10.2-10.5, depending on wind and speed. It's a great product. Inexpensive, easy to apply and with astounding results.

Eranie G.,


Airtab RV Airtab RV

October 11, 2016


Two trips ago I received my air tabs for my 2016 Winnebago Winnie Drop 1780. Prior to installing these we took two longer trips with the trailer and we averaged 8.1 Mpg over the course of two trips. Since installing the airtabs over the course of two additional trips we have averaged 9.8 MPG. We really haven't noticed any difference in the swaying of the trailer but since it's relatively small it didn't sway much to begin with. But the Huge gain was in the fuel economy.


Robert, Oklahoma

Airtab RV

July 28, 2016

Hello Jack,

My boyfriend and I bought a 40 Ft 2001 Allegro Bus two years ago. This was our first RV and we noticed as we drove it, that it seemed to toss and sway with the windy conditions or when a Semi Truck passed by. I drove the RV as well, but I was extremely cautious since it seemed you needed to constantly correct the RV with the windy conditions when steering. I didn’t always enjoy driving, but it gave Nick a break wh

I saw in the RV Magazine I get weekly, an ad for “Air Tabs” and started doing some research. Everything about Airtabs sounded like something we could use for our older RV to keep it steadier. I brought the information up to Nick and we both looked over the benefits of Airtabs. We had a big trip to TN planned in the next few weeks and wanted to purchase these Airtabs to test them out on our long trip from WI to TN. Nick followed the instructions and placed the Airtabs along the back of our RV, they did look nice and blended in well with our RV.

We did notice a good improvement with driving the RV in windy conditions and when Semi Trucks passed by. In fact, the improvement was so good, that I wanted to do more driving then I usually do. I felt more comfortable and confident driving the RV. We felt that the Airtabs helped make it more stable on the road. Nick felt the same way too and we really enjoyed out trip and driving our Allegro Bus with the Airtabs! Thank you for this product!

**As you look at the Airtabs in these pictures, they are not place crookedly on the RV, Nick is a perfectionist, and with a plumb line, he found where it was the straightest area to place the Airtabs, he didn’t follow the back contour of our RV because it wasn’t straight.

As we drive on trips, we now notice other vehicles with Airtabs too.

I feel Airtabs are important for those people who do drive older RV’s and notice the sway and the constant correcting with steering as wind gusts come up or semi’s pass by.


Suzanne and Nick

Airtab RV

May 1, 2016

We purchased Air Tabs for our 35' Class A Motor Home. Prior to the purchase we were pushed around by Semi trucks on a regular basis. After the installation we don't even know a semi is passing us until we see it beside us. Best investment we made since owning our RV. Didn't improve gas mileage but the safety factor was our reason for purchasing them and I can honestly say, they are amazing!

E. Dmochowski

Deltona, FL

Airtab RV

October 28 2015,

Took my 2008 Damon outlaw Scorpion Class A motorhome out for its first run since my installation of your Airtabs. I couldn't believe I was driving the same coach! Before, the coach hunted left to right continuously, and my wife didn't like to drive it because it took so much concentration to keep it between the lines.

Now it acts like it is on RAILS! I was going to put a steering stabilizer on the coach to see if that would help, but I don't need to now!

Michael M.

Airtab RV

August 1 2015,

By channeling the air behind our coach, the tail end quieted down which delivered a big benefit to the steering wheel. Install as recommended, small investment, excellent dividends.

Picture shows the Air Tabs on the trailing edge of our coach. Pointing westward in the late day sun.

No hookups.....Great Views!

Ted and Sheila

Airtab RV

June 3, 2015,


I installed the air tabs on my 21' Jayco Whitehawk Summit. Installation was very easy and straight forward as per the directions. I tow the travel trailer with a Ford F-150 Ecoboost, 2.55 gear ratio, with the towingpackage. The first 300 mile trip without Airtabs left me tired after the drive. I really had to pay attention when being passed by semis and otherlarge vehicles on the interstate. The travel trailer was completely empty as we just picked it up from the dealer.

After installing the Airtabs I've since put on 1500 miles of mostly interstate driving at 65 mph. The difference was totally amazing and above my expectations! The ride was really stable and you could actually relax while driving in all conditions. Semis passing didn't push the truck-trailer around like it did prior to installing the Airtabs. Gas mileage increased by 1+ miles per gallon. I highly recommend the Airtabs for anyone pulling a travel trailer.


West Yellowstone, Montana

Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV

May 16, 2015,

Dear Jack,

I installed 76 AIRTABS (26 on each side and 24 across the top) on our motorhome, and then drove it across West Texas in very windy conditions for about 600 miles there and back. The change in handlling qualities was unbelieveable. The AIRTABS really calmed the sway reaction to cross wind gusts and passing trucks are barely (if at all) noticable. The coach felt generally more stable. All of this added up to a much more enjoyable and less tiring friving experience.

I found it difficult to quantify the improved fuel economy (i.e. an earlier trip with exact winds, loads, etc.), but it looks like i'm doing about 0.5 mpg better )our coach gets about 6.5 to 7.5 mpg).

Thanks for a great product,


Airtab RV Airtab RV

May 6, 2015,

Jack, My neighbor said you'd like some pictures.... I was planning to do a write up after I drive the RV so

Though I have no documented - controlled scientific numbers I have driven the Truck with a 12 foot trailer in tow back and forth across the state of Florida and I can say the following,

Prior to AirTab, When pulling my loaded 12 foot tandem trailer with my 2009 Chevy 1500 5.3L, I was getting between 8 and 10 miles to the gallon with a heavy throttle and constant shifting between 5th and 4th

Now (with Truck Cab top and Trailer wrap) I can keep a constant 2100 RPM in 5th with light to moderate throttle (even cruise control) and get instantaneous between 11 to 14 MPG with the overall average 11.5 to 12.8 MPG (open road).

Also, Chevy has the Fuel Management system that runs four cylinders when there is light load - without the trailer the Truck would seldom go into 4 cyl. mode and only under 55 MPH. Now, (how often and how long it maintains depends on environment conditions) it will go into 4 Cyl. at 70 MPH. I now see an Instantaneous MPG between 18 and 20+ MPG on the highway where Iwas lucky to get 16 to 18 before (open road).

Bottom line, I can say that the handling of my truck and truck/trailer combination has improved. It is less stressful to drive and I am no longer blown around when passing tractor trailers nor with significant cross winds.

Can't wait to get the RV out on the Road.

Regards, Dave B.

Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV

December 23, 2014,

They really do as advertised.

Washed motor home and traveled 535 miles from Florida to North Carolina and back. No black grime build up. Looked as clean as was just done. Significantly reduced sway when passing big rigs on interstate. We don\'t check mpg, but if we don\'t have any dirt build up on the back, we can assume there is less drag by wind.

We be happy campers...

Jane & Bob

Sanford Florida & Sanford NC

Airtab RV

October 14, 2014,

Jack per your request, the attached photo shows the finished installation of Air Tabs on our 2005 Winnebago Voyage.

This is the second set of Air Tabs that I have installed. In 2009 I installed a set on our 2002 Winnebago Brave. I purchased and installed them after reading an article in the FMCA magazine regarding testing Air Tabs on a motorhome. My number one reason for buying was to improve handling while driving. Mostly, to minimize the effects caused by meeting or being passed by trucks. The results were amazing. The handling improved so much that I did not constantly scan the rear view mirror or oncoming traffic for trucks in order to anticipate correcting movements caused by them. In addition, there was an improvement in gas mileage and our towed car was much cleaner. To me these were bonuses. I don't know how much improvement there was in gas mileage, but before Air Tabs cruising speed was 2200 to 2300 RPM on the tachometer. After installation, cruising speed was 2100 to 2200 RPM.

Because of the improved handling with Air Tabs, I can't imagine having a motorhome without them. Thus, I have installed them on our recent upgrade to a 2005 Winnebago Voyage.

Regards, James G.

Airtab RV Airtab RV Airtab RV

August 25, 2014,


Ralph's-RVI bought a 32 foot Class C motorhome last year. After a lot of research and study on various forms of aerodynamic improvements I bought a set of Airtabs. My primary concern was ease of driving and stability. Installation was easy and fast. The first time I took the RV out after installation I was amazed at how easy it was to drive. I hoped it was not just wishful thinking and a good day so I have held my conclusions till this year. I have put over 10,000 miles on the RV with the Airtabs in all kinds of weather from heavy rain, sun and cross winds. I have driven divided highways and two lane 65 MPH state roads. All I can say is you UNDERATE the Airtabs. There is no noticeable "push" or any disturbance when passing a semi going in the opposite direction on a two lane road while we both are going 60 MPH plus. WOW. Semi passing me in the same direction on the highway is a non-event. I recommended Airtabs to my brother-in-law for his class A motorhome and he has the same results. In fact, he has "sold" at least two more owners on his vacation trip this year. I placed Airtabs ahead of my rear wheels also. They seem to be acting like skirts and keeping the wheels clean.

Ralph F. "A More Than Satisfied Customer"

Airtab RV

October 4, 2009,

 "Several years ago, based on comments from other Alfa motorhome users plus comments on the Airtab website, I installed a full set of Airtabs on our Alfa SeeYa motorhome. They were very easy to install - even over the roof and satellite antenna area. The supplied instructions and templates are very easy to use. The Airtabs are great - they have made a world of difference in handling the motorhome in the wind - especially crosswinds - as well as I now hardly notice passing trucks! I had driven our motorhome in severe crosswinds prior to installing the Airtabs, and it was a "handful." Now, it is much easier to control - I no longer have to dread the weather conditions when we are traveling! I recommend them to everyone with an RV!"

Randy S. California

Airtab RV

June 29, 2004,


After seeing the Airtab® installation article in Monaco Coach's Lifestyles magazine I ordered a set for my 38' Monaco Diplomat motorhome. I returned from Dallas to New Braunfels with about a 30 mph crosswind all the way with intermittent rain to find my Airtabs™ on the front porch (quick delivery I might add). I installed them the same week in about 4 hours - it was amazingly simple, and they looked great! The next weekend I left for Houston, and traveling I-10 I had about a 25 mph crosswind and a lot of heavy truck traffic. This was not even the same coach!!!! The crosswind's effect was neglible, and even more amazing was the fact that passing trucks (I set the cruise at 65) had almost NO effect on the tracking of the coach. Two trips back to back in roughly the same conditions convinced me. Hats off for a great product. I haven't thought to check the boost gauge to see if the turbo is not working as hard, but there seems to be slightly better fuel economy-.3 to .4 mpg on the 330 hp Cummins. I'm telling everyone I see about them and showing them mine if the coach is anywhere nearby. Thank you very much,

Glenn W. S. New Braunfels, Texas

Airtab RV Airtab RV

I originally bought the Airtab® product in the hopes of keeping the rear of my cab over camper cleaner while driving down the road. Wind typically would whip up and deposit road debris all over the rear of the camper especially when it was raining. After installing the product I have driven several thousand miles with the camper and have been in a variety of road and weather conditions. To date the difference is amazing, even after a two hour drive in cats and dog rain on freshly chipped sealed roads there is hardly any dirt accumulated at the rear of the camper. The money I have saved in car washes alone has justified the purchase. The good news has been the additional benefit of improved mileage. I had been consistently getting 11.7 mpg with this setup prior to the Airtabs™ . Out the gate with the Airtabs™ installed on a 1600 mile trip I averaged 12.5mpg! That has proven to be the case since driving 60mph, a .8mpg improvement. One other noticeable difference has been an improved handling of the vehicle (very high profile) in windy conditions and improved handling when semi trucks pass. I am pleased with the product and thus am willing to endorse their use as a 'must have' on any RV.


Tim E. Bozeman, MT

Airtab RV

Hi Ron.

Just got back from the trip and had a wonderful trip the Airtabs™ worked great got about one mile to the gallon better than before with the handling in the wind was great and the truck buffing when they past from behind and when passing other trucks was great. made driving much better.

 R. C. Eugene, OR

Airtab RV Airtab RV

Received February 20, 2006,

Jack, I have had 2 different RV Trailers and put the Airtabs on both. The first was a bumper pull trailer and was a toyhauler. These trailers have a very square rear-end and flat. On the TT, I noticed it was pretty easy to pull, the rear door is clean and stability was wonderful. My Current Rv Trailer (see pics) is again a Toy-hauler but is a 5th wheel with the fiberglass siding for the Airtabs to stick very well. With the other trailer, it had aluminum ripple siding so I had to attach an aluminum strip for the Airtabs to stick on. On the 5th wheel, I noticed a big improvement on stability, My combined weight of this unit is 23 K and I averaged 10 MPG......On a dirt road even at low speeds, I noticed the rear of the trailer was relatively clean so I know the suction action is canceled out. Here are the pics as well as some of the whole unit.

Eric B. Salt Lake City, UT

Airtab RV

Hi All,

Margie and I just got back from a few days in an RV park in Monroe MI.During that time, I installed the Air Tab Kit which was ordered on line. Came with two installation templates and 80 Air Tabs. 80 Air Tabs is enough to complete the sides and top of the Alfa. Trip back was verification of straight-line stability improvement. The rear of the coach is glued to the ground unlike the trip down when the buffeting made it feel like the back of the coach was wagging back and forth. The coach stays solid and straight, no buffeting etc. Bonus is the Toad stays much cleaner too as the air is smoothed around the Toad too. If the fuel improvement comes as indicated, it will be a bonus as the stability improvement is worth the $200 for the Air Tab Kit.

All the best,

Phil & Margie S. Green Valley,

AZ Light Truck Engineering

Light Truck Motorsports

Ford Motor Company- Retire

Airtab RV

October 5, 2006,

Hi Jack,

The Airtabs surely have a dual function on the gently radiused tail of the egg-shaped Casita trailer. In addition to their familiar role with abruptly truncated bluff bodies, the Airtabs almost certainly pull the airflow farther around the large bend radius at the rear of the Casita (which is shaped much like an Airstream trailer). I estimate this to be about 10 degrees greater turn angle than the standard baseline 10 degrees before the flow separates. In other words, I'm now benefiting from a 20 degree turn angle of the flow off the roof and sides rather than only 10 degrees. This results in a smaller wake with less cross-sectional area. It is as if the trailer had less frontal area than any other Casita. My best previous fuel mileage for 1,000 miles was 19 mpg. With Airtabs, it improved to a hair over 20 mpg. Roughly 5 percent better mileage on same route and weather conditions. (1,000 miles is the longest distance I could drive on the Interstate without being forced to purchase 10% gasohol which degrades fuel mileage by about 3 mpg!) Stability was excellent, but it was fine before Airtabs due to the good original aerodynamic shape and vehicle proportions (small rear overhang so the aero center-of-pressure in side winds is very close to the trailer's center of gravity). Naturally, when the airflow is turned through a greater turn angle, it carries any clouds of water spray with it. In rainy weather, the road spray from the tow vehicle and trailer tires is now pulled 20 degrees toward the centerline of the trailer's wake, leaving a totally clear view aft in the rear view mirrors. The clarity of the view is remarkable ! Nearly the same as in dry weather. After our 6,000 mile trip around the country, the rear face of the Casita was unquestionably far cleaner than normal. Barely needed to be lightly washed. Other RV'ers were surprised to hear we hadn't washed it once.


Gary Washington State

Airtab RV

October 2006,

 Both my previous 05 and current 06 would have a wind noise coming through the drivers side window when crusing speed was obtained. A while back one of the forum members mentioned he had placed airtabs on the outside ahead of the driver's mirror. This eliminated most of the protruding sound. Being an airtab distributor (by a few weeks) I naturally had to try it. It worked. Now for the reasons. The air flow passing the mirror becomes a turbulating airflow as it passses between the mirror mounting and stem and the coach side. Sort of a venturi effect. Airtabs are tiny vortex generators which, when placed ahead of the drivers mirror, will align this turbulating air flow thus removing much of the offensive air noise. So far, everyone who has purchased the airtabs for this purpose has been very satisfied with the noise reduction. The attendees had a great discussion about this at the Tucson rally last week. I hope this has answered your question. Also, I have posted in the Photo's section a few pictures of the airtab placements: at the back and at the mirror location. Any more questions just send them my way.

Ron Dierlam

Airtab RV Airtab RV

Received July 16, 2009,

Hello Jack,

I wanted to share with you photos of our RV with AirTabs since it has ribbed siding.First we fastened (with pop-rivets on the high point of siding and auto-body tape on high points as well) smooth aluminum. We disconnected the running lights and re-attached on top of smooth aluminum. We attached AirTabs as normal and sealed it off with silicone caulk.We took our first trip (1,200 miles) last week since installing the AirTabs. The trailer is 31' long and sway was a problem before, especially when being passed by semi trucks. Now, I can still feel a little "sucking in and pushing out" when being passed, but it is greatly reduced (75% less or so). Also the trailer recovers stability much quicker. I also noticed an improvement in fuel economy and felt there was less drag on the trailer when accelerating. Overall, I am very pleased with the performance of the AirTab product.

Thanks & have a great day.

KurtWest Lafayette, IN

Airtab RV Airtab RV

September 16, 2009,


 I read about the Airtabs in the September 2009 issue of Family Motor Coaching and I purchased some for the back of my motorhome. I managed to install them prior to our road trip. The first thing I noticed the rain didn't foul my rear camera and backside, in fact, our Jeep's (towed behind the motorhome) windshield was even much cleaner than before. Preliminary fuel numbers indicate I'm saving about 1.5 mpg while towing the Jeep (4600 pounds), about 2 cents a mile (and the back of the coach is fairly clean after 1800 miles, and that's after half a day driving in the rain in Utah (red mud)). Another benefit I see is that small stones or sand was not thrown against the Jeep's windshield when in tow. I could see a "line" where the "wake" hit the Jeep, just six inches inside the edge of the windshield. Before the installation of Airtabs, the windshield was totally covered in muddy spray and left a mess that had to be cleaned before driving off. I am enclosing a picture. If you want to use the picture and/or my comments on your web site please do so.

Bill, Idaho

Airtab RV

October 19, 2009,


I have made only one trip since applying the airtabs. I can not comment on any potential mpg change because the trip was not the usual long trek at sixty mph and above. The most noticeable change was the difference in the turbulence when the big trucks come even with the rear end of my motor home (there was none). Wow, what a difference! Also, the motor home seemed to be affected less by the winds. Installation was a breeze (after the painting) and took less that an hour. Thanks to the instructions, I managed to not install them backwards.

Art D. Winter Springs, FL

Airtab RV

November 9, 2009,

Airtab, LLC


WOW!! That was our reaction after we installed your product just prior to our heading to the West Coast. When the first tractor-trailer passed, my husband was amazed that he felt no buffeting. When they passed us on the Interstate, we didn't experience any suction wind. Now when I'm driving I don't have to hold my breath when being passed at high speed by the truckers. We had 25 mph southeasterly winds between Arizona and California and the control was much better than other motor coaches we saw. Also, to my surprise, our tow vehicle no longer has the black diesel soot all over the hood. Thanks for a great product. We both feel we have more control and will highly recommend Airtab to everyone.


Ralph and Sharon H. Niceville, FL


We installed Airtabs on our 36 ft. diesel pusher Monaco Windsor prior to our trip to Mesa, AZ in early November 2009. It was too windy to calculate any mpg increase with 95 - 100 KM per hour (59 to 62 MPH) winds from Central Alberta to south of Helena MT. The Coach handled as if it were glued to the road which was a real treat with the head and crosswinds we encountered. Buffering was egligible when meeting semi's on two lane highways or when passing or being passed on four lane Interstates. Our Monaco is a fairly low riding, easily handled coach but the Airtab are the best investment one could make for increased stability. I would highly recommend Airtab to any Motorcoach owner.

 Allan H. Canada

Airtab RV

Received March 30, 2010,


I purchased Airtabs last year and finally installed them on my 2008 Monaco 40' Diplomat Motorhome late in 2009. Not really believing all the hype I'd read about the tabs I was skeptical to say the least. To my amazement these things are amazing. I didn't really notice much, if any improvement in fuel efficency, but all of my travels are in the west where the roads aren't flat, but more up and down. Where I saw improvement is when a large vehicle passes me either from the front or the rear it is almost like they weren't there at all. I used to really prepare myself for a passing truck because they nearly blew me off the road before. Now I barely feel them. I've also noticed a much more stable drive just going down the road. I used to have to really drive my rig or "be on it constantly" because it would wander all over my lane if I wasn't careful. That has gone away and the rig handles almost like my pickup truck does. I don't have any pictures but I put 96 tabs on the top and sides of the rear of the coach. I painted the tabs to match the color of the coach so they are nearly invisible. This was a very good choice to put on the Airtabs.

John N. Oregon

Tom from BC reports: Airtab performance pretty much as advertised. Noticably better stability when passing or in X-wind conditions and a .3 mpg improvement. Was getting 8.6/8.7 now 8.9/9.0. This year 8.9 over 3700 miles. This is from the engine computer.

The details:

2007 Trip: (w/o Airtabs): 4191.9 miles/485.3 us gals/107.53 running hours/38.8 avg mph/8.6 mpg

2010 Trip: ( w/ Airtabs): 3710.5 miles/415.6 us gals/79.5 running hours/46.7 avg mph/8.9 mpg.

The route was similar in both cases...I-5 south and across to AZ and reverse on the way home. I don't know what other feedback you've had from the MH crowd, but it seems to be that it does keep the back of the MH a bit cleaner (mine was never particularly bad this way) but I think the airflow comes back together about where the TOAD is and I think deposits a bit more gunk on the car. To me, this isn't a big issue since you have to wash the TOAD regularly anyway and it makes little difference whether it's a little dirty or a lot dirty.

Airtab RV

Trevor & Judy Gray from New Zealand were amazed at the difference Airtabs made to the rear of their Motorhome. Realy improved the stability in gusty conditions and returned home with a clean rear. No tar and dirt.

Motorhome "Graysaway" NZMCA#8365

Airtab RV