August 18, 2016

After painting them to match the cap, I added 12 air tabs across the rear top of the truck cap on my 2016 F350 crew cab 4x4 with the 6.2 liter engine, 4.3 rear end. My driving is about 75% interstate and I drive conservatively. My mileage improved from about 14.7 to about 15.2, using the vehicle's computer. But when towing our 32' Jayco, my mileage went from 6.8 to 7.4. I am very satisfied with this improvement. I do plan on adding the air tabs to the rear of the Jayco next year.


Reliability Engineer,


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November 28 2015

An amazing improvement and well worth the investment.

I recently purchased and installed Air Tabs on my 2012 Honda Civic sedan and I can say without a doubt, they were well worth the money.

Before Air Tabs I would drive down the highway (70-75mph) and I would notice my car start to wonder around the lane without much input from the steering, and on windy days I was fighting to keep out of the other lanes. The Honda Civic is a very aerodynamic vehicle due to some plastic skid plates on the bottom of the car, but it lacks any down force when it travels at high speeds because of this.

I installed seven Air Tabs on top of my roof, and one on each side of the car just forward of the front wheels. The ones on the roof were a little tricky due to the curvature of the roof but I filled any gaps with addition 3M tape.

I can't say anything about improvement in gas mileage since I have yet to take my car for a long road trip just yet, but I'm very impressed with the improvements to the handling thanks to Air Tabs. My car feels more in control, has much better grip on the highway, and doesn't wonder around the road very much in windy conditions.

I could not be happier with my purchase, Thank You so much Airtabs!



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October 2005,

Hi Ron:

We are both most impressed with the AIRTABS. Stability and smoothness of drive were markedly better. Even in wind conditions or when passing big 18 wheelers, where the CRV shook and moved before, it was as steady as a rock with the AIR TABS on. Also we were getting 485-500 km ( 301 - 310 miles) to a tankful of gas on the highway. Our most effecient recollection from before, and we have over 155,000 km ( 96,255 miles), was squeezing maybe 450 km ( 279 miles) out of a tank. This 7- 10 % saving on fuel is awesome! Thanks for putting the AIR TABS on. We are already getting questions from curious family members and neighbours.



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The 2002 Chevy Corvette has had the air tabs installed as shown below, as well as under the front splash pan to assist under-car boundary layer turbulence and drag, since December 2006. The car is not otherwise modified. The best highway mileage before Air Tabs was 27 MPG at 75-85MPH constant. After the Air Tabs installation, consistent mileage, over four long (>1000 miles) highway trips, is now 30MPG. If speed drops to 65MPH the mileage goes to 35MPG. No noticeable change in handling because the Corvette is great from the factory.

Ron Hagen, Track Lab, St Louis

Airtab Auto

I must say the day they were installed was July 4th, independence day for sure.

I looked every where for a way to get a little more mileage out of my 1995 Chevy G20 sporty shorty-handicapped equipped van but had no luck until I came across your web site. I was impressed enough to take a chance since I had nothing to loose except a few $'s, anyway after my friend David installed the air tabs I went home on interstate to see/feel if I could notice they were installed plus to see if they were going to blow off. Well sir not only did the Air tabs not blow off but I was not getting blown all over the place when the big rigs would come up flying by me and when you drive with only one hand on the wheel and the other on the gas controls it sure make a big difference when you do not have to fight the drafts blowing you all over. In fact I am more rested when I get out of my van then I have ever been.

On a full tank of gas driving the city speed limits and no faster then 60MPH interstate I got 287 Miles per tank. Most of this tank was city driving.

The 2ND thing I noticed going home was that every time I get to these two places on the interstate my van would shift into passing gear twice, but this time it did not and I had it in cruise control.

3RD I bought my van new in 1995 and I never got no more then 287 miles to a tank of gas. I have a 22 gal tank. Yesterday 7/11/08 I filled up and I had 302 miles to that tank of gas. What that 15 more miles per tank. I think this is great, since I do most short driving at 45 to 50 miles an hour and I was sure I would only see a saving at speeds higher then 55MPH. My weekly driving is to work and back home except two times each week I drive the interstate to take my service dog to Winter Park Florida which is 25miles each way.

Thank Air tabs for helping me go more.

Airtab Auto

I want to thank you for the fast shipping and a great product. I have just installed these today, I took my 2009 Smart Pure for a test drive and I must say I am impressed with these air tabs already. My Smart is a very small car as you can see, it used to get blown around on the highway quite a bit I have only installed 9 airtabs on my roof, I will be ordering more, now that I can already feel the difference.

I will add that I have noticed these little tabs add some more noise inside my car however I plan on ordering some dyno mat to cure that. The noise that I hear is consistent and it gives me no doubt that these Air tabs are well worth the money I can hear them working. My little car feels so much better going down the interstate. I cannot say anything about fuel mileage yet however I have just installed them.

I will run these for a few weeks and send you my findings. Thank you so much these air tabs are a great product and it makes my Smart look pretty cool also. I am sure I will get a lot of questions about them and I will happily hand out the extra flyers that you gave me. I have included some pictures of my install thanks again.

P.S I have been looking for a cure to the wandering smart for some time, in my book my problem is solved you have a Great product.

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