October 14, 2014,

Airtab RV

Jack per your request, the attached photos show the finished installation of Air Tabs on our 2005 Winnebago Voyage.

This is the second set of Air Tabs that I have installed. In 2009 I installed a set on our 2002 Winnebago Brave. I purchased and installed them after reading an article in the FMCA magazine regarding testing Air Tabs on a motorhome. My number one reason for buying was to improve handling while driving. Mostly, to minimize the effects caused by meeting or being passed by trucks. The results were amazing. The handling improved so much that I did not constantly scan the rear view mirror or oncoming traffic for trucks in order to anticipate correcting movements caused by them. In addition, there was an improvement in gas mileage and our towed car was much cleaner. To me these were bonuses. I don't know how much improvement there was in gas mileage, but before Air Tabs cruising speed was 2200 to 2300 RPM on the tachometer. After installation, cruising speed was 2100 to 2200 RPM.

Because of the improved handling with Air Tabs, I can't imagine having a motorhome without them. Thus, I have installed them on our recent upgrade to a 2005 Winnebago Voyage.

Regards, James G.


Testimonial received October 11, 2014

Jack, This is Randy. My cousin Chuck & I stopped in Colorado on 9/24/14 and installed 51 air tabs on my trailer. I said that I would touch base with you after I returned home (in Maryland) to let you know how the tabs worked out.

  • The back of the trailer stayed clean as advertised (amazing).
  • There was noticeable reduced drag at hwy speeds when letting off the gas. (we drove at 60 mph throughout the trip)
  • Better stability in wind and traffic (as advertised)
w/o Airtabs with Airtabs
Miles Traveled 1799 Miles Traveled 3482
Fuel Used 145.649 Fuel Used 3482253.695
Fuel Cost $ 490.33 Fuel Cost 253.695$ 862.57
Avg. MPG 12.35 Avg. MPG 13.73
Avg. cosr per gal. $ 3.36 Avg. cosr per gal. $ 3.40


This worked out to be:

  • 1.37 MPG avg. increase
  • 11.1% Improvement
  • 28.02 gal. saved
  • $ 95.89 ROI

So that worked out be a 64.6% return on investment just based on the return trip.  I am very happy with my purchase.,

Randy N.

Airtab Utility Trailer

Airtab Testimonial


I bought a 32 foot Class C motorhome last year. After a lot of research and study on various forms of aerodynamic improvements I bought a set of Airtabs. My primary concern was ease of driving and stability. Installation was easy and fast. The first time I took the RV out after installation I was amazed at how easy it was to drive. I hoped it was not just wishful thinking and a good day so I have held my conclusions till this year. I have put over 10,000 miles on the RV with the Airtabs in all kinds of weather from heavy rain, sun and cross winds.

I have driven divided highways and two lane 65 MPH state roads. All I can say is you UNDERATE the Airtabs. There is no noticeable "push" or any disturbance when passing a semi going in the opposite direction on a two lane road while we both are going 60 MPH plus. WOW. Semi passing me in the same direction on the highway is...


"Total fuel saving for the duration of 4 month trial: $1800 USD"...." Overall vehicle handling was improved"...." Improvement in fuel economy of 6.06%"...." We are pleased with these results..."Mr. Bill Dinino, Fleet Manager.


Airtab Testimonial

October 2005

"When I first heard about Airtabs I was skeptical. Then I checked your website and read the testimonials. For a couple hundred dollar investment, and diesel at 3 bucks, I had to try them myself.

The installation was as easy as advertised, I did my whole tractor in about 45 minutes. Then I hooked up my trailer and headed down the road. I couldn't believe the difference! The increase in stability and the lane tracking in gusty conditions is noticeably improved. As for a mileage increase, it's hard to tell because of the everchanging loads and routes I take. I can tell the mileage and top-of-the-hill speed is better but it would be tough to document. I would strongly recommend that all trucks use Airtabs.

Thanks, Airtabs!"

Airtab Testimonial

October 2005

Hi Ron,

We are both most impressed with the AIRTABS. Stability and smoothness of drive were markedly better. Even in wind conditions or when passing big 18 wheelers, where the CRV shook and moved before, it was as steady as a rock with the AIR TABS on. Also we were getting 485-500 km ( 301 - 310 miles) to a tankful of gas on the highway. Our most effecient recollection from before, and we have over 155,000 km ( 96,255 miles), was squeezing maybe 450 km ( 279 miles) out of a tank. This 7- 10 % saving on fuel is awesome! Thanks for putting the AIR TABS on. We are already getting questions from curious family members and neighbours.



Airtab Testimonial

October 2005


Let's see, I got these about mid-August? And it's now October - oh, my.
I installed the Airtabs just before taking the trip to Skowhegan, Maine (about 500+/- miles) - and while I cannot substantiate any improvement in mileage, the stability alone is worth the cost. There have been unsolicited comments about this; wondering what I changed on the truck to make towing smoother. Visibility seems improved also - spray from the roadway seems to "tuck in" closer to the vehicle, allowing me to see more clearly the cars following (usually too close).


Airtab Testimonial

September 28, 2005

I installed my order of Air Tabs about two and a half weeks ago just before heading back home to Thomasville, GA. When I left I had about 30 city miles on that tank of diesel. At 170 miles, the fuel gauge was only down to 3/4 when usually it would be about 3/8 to 1/2. Thinking there might be a problem, I stopped and filled the tank.....13.35 mpg. Read more..



July 2005

Hello this is Jack H,

I recently purchased a set of Airtabs for my 1998 century class freightliner. My truck would not handle well in strong winds, until I installed air tabs, now my truck is more stable in strong cross winds or just severe weather conditions. You can really tell the difference thank you air tabs.

Thank you

Airtab Note: Jack is a flatbed operator.

airtab testimonials Aerodynamics beat rising fuel costs

And improve stability and visibility

Specialist fleet operator Displayco is a designer and manufacturer of display and advertising materials that handles its own distribution via a fleet of seven rigid pan techs, mainly on the Melbourne-Sydney and Sydney-Brisbane routes. Their first trials of Airtabs in 2000, showed a fuel consumption improvement of 2.7% and that "was enough for me to make the decision to fit-out our fleet then and there," said Denis Walker, Managing Director.

But to be honest now that we've used Airtabs for some years, the big improvement in stability at highway speeds, the better rearward visibility in the wet and the cleaner tail lifts would have been good enough reasons themselves to take on Airtabs." Airtabs are small plastic or vinyl vortex generators that fit around the trailing edge of the typically square and flat back of a truck or tailer. The Airtab product assists with turbulence and drag by addressing basic aerodynamic theory.


Airtab Testimonial

September 2005

Dear Jack,

Enclosed are a couple of photos of my tractor with your Airtabs installed. Sorry, but my pictures were more about the boats than about my tractor.

I used your Airtabs on my tractor hauling boats coast to coast. It would have been difficult for me to say exactly if I in fact saw 6% savings in fuel. My loads varied so much and with weather and winds and going uphill on the west trip and basically downhill on the east trip it would have been very difficult to accurately calculate. However one thing that I immediately noticed after.


Airtab Testimonial


I thought I would let you know that I have operated my jet powered ambulance several times at or above 195 mph with your Airtab product attached to the roof and sides of the vehicle.

They stayed on! In the picture you will notice I have only a few on the sides of the jet ambulance. Because of the decal painting on the side I may wait until the season ends to cover the remainder of the sides.


Airtab Testimonial

January 2005

April 7, 2004 Yoda writes.....(his trailer did not have the top done yet)

I have only had the tabs installed for 5 days, But would like to report the following.

The first day I drove in high (gusts to 35 mph) winds, (North Carolina),I was very pleased to notice that the wind did not knock me around on the road at all!

We normally haul light loads, and wind is very hard on us! I am really satisfied that the effects of the tabs in wind is reason enough alone for the people I know to install them!

Next I want to talk about fuel economy and power! I have a 470 HPaterpillar. I have not yet got enough miles on the tabs to give you fuel savings figures, but there is a definite change! My turbo boost gauge was constantly reading 5 pounds less than I was used to seeing while running on cruise control!

Read more

airtab testimonials "I was a little skeptical at first but before I'd gone 60 miles on a run to the West coast, I knew these things worked. The improved handling and stability that Airtabs™ provide my rig is surprising, especially in cross-wind conditions. Made the driving easier, visibility in wet weather was better and the back of the van stayed cleaner too. I got so many questions about them on the road, I had to turn my CB off!"

Gerry W.

Senior Driver (36 Yrs.)

Brico Transportation

Airtab Testimonial

We made the trip from Myrtle Beach, S.C. to Yosemite National Park okay. I had varied results on fuel mileage during the 3000 mile trip. With my unit, a 2004 Alfa See Ya with the 330 CAT engine, I got anywhere from 7.6 to 9.5 mpg. My fuel mileage prior to the installation of the Airtabs™ was between 7.6and about 8.0.probably the best thing was when we went through some rain in Texas, the view behind us was very clear, so the Airtabs™ definitely improved rear vision for us. The vehicles all around us were putting up mist like crazy and ours was not.

Ira Reynolds,

RV Driver

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Airtab Testimonial

Peter C., veteran driver of 35 years’ operating out of Binghamton, New York says "I think they are worth it just for the stability. I noticed less drag immediately. During my first trip along the NY #17 that follows the Susquehanna River, lots of curves, I ran into the leading edge of a group of thunderstorms... so the wind was gusting from all directions. With the Airtabs™ the rig handled as stable as a rock.

I am monitoring my fuel mileage and so far there is an indication that I am seeing savings. I will report again
later when I collect more data"
Airtab, LLC would like to point out the row of Airtab® on his wing located on top of his tractor.

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Airtab Testimonial

Hi Ron. Just got back from the trip and had a wonderful trip.

The Airtabs™ worked great got about one mile to the gallon better than before with the handling in the wind was great and the truck buffing when they past from behind and when passing other trucks was great, made driving much better.

R. C.

Eugene, OR


airtab testimonials Jack, first off let me say WOW, I purchased this 1999 Volvo VN610 in November of 1998. After installing Airtabs™ last week, my truck has never handled any better. The best way to describe it is its like having a Tail Wind every where I drive. My truck and Trailer handle better in windy or no windy conditions. And in the Rain what a difference, I could see better out the back of the unit than I could out the front.

I am enclosing Picture of the installation of the Airtabs™ , Installation was easy and only took about 1 hr 45 min to do both tractor and trailer. I don't have any fuel savings data yet as they have only been on my truck for about 1 tank of fuel, but will let you know in my next letter. This product is probably one of the easiest to use and like I said has improved the handling of my vehicle immensely.

Thank you,

Hershey Bar

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Robert Carlsson, 33 yrs. old, truck driver since 1995. Boxon City Trailer- Volvo FM 7, 290 HP

"When we got the truck in October 1999, it was very wobbly to drive in windy conditions and when passing other trucks- it was just tiring to drive. After 2 weeks, the Airtabs™ representative came and offered a solution to the problem by installing Airtabs™ on the truck and trailer.

Following day, I took the truck for my daily route and it was a completely different truck. Stable in crosswind and when passing. On the fuel computer I saw a reduction in fuel consumption from 3.2 litres per 10 km to 2.9 litres per 10 km at highway speeds.

The truck also stays cleaner for a longer time. There are obviously great forces in these small Airtabs™.”

Göran Lövdahl, 43 years old, truck driver for 21 years.

Göran works for the Jale Truck Company in Mora, Sweden and drives a Scania 124 400 HP "It's surprising how great an effect these little plastic bits have. The truck goes like it is on rails in a crosswind and when passing, much more stable now. In rain, the view behind is also now much better, thanks to Airtabs™. It appears that the rain spray behind the vehicle is reduced."

Leif Erlandsson, part-owner of the Jale Company.

"The drivers are very satisfied with the handling of the trucks after Airtabs™ are installed. We also are seeing a reduction in fuel consumption. The figures are a bit early to say, but the trend is clear."