Installation of Airtabs™

Download the instruction manual here.

NOTE: The narrow TIPS of the Airtabs™ point to the BACK of the vehicle.


Painting of Airtabs™

Click Here to view PDF on painting

Color Matching

Color Matching: Airtab® announces a new program to offset or eliminate customer in-house painting efforts for color match requirements exceeding 4000 Airtabs™.

Call 1-613.839-4679 or email Aeroserve at or details.


Removal of Airtabs™

Use some dental floss under the narrow portion (tip) of the Airtab® to get enough clearance for insulated (to protect the finish) 18 ga wire.

Heat the Airtab® using a hair dryer and run the wire along underneath to remove.

Use WD-40 to remove tape residue.

Once an Airtab® has been removed as detailed above, it is not reusable