January 18, 2016,


Great to talk with you again. As you can see I traded the 2007 Peterbilt 387 in for a 2012 vnl780 and I noticed right away, with the air suspension that this truck has, that I was getting pushed around again. I put the air tabs on, and as you can see I went ahead and painted mine, they're green, and what a difference this morning on Monday on the 18th. I took it in a fairly windy environment coming up in the South Carolina and what a difference it has made in the handling of this truck, but we already knew that air tabs is the way to go anyway.



Airtab Truck Only Airtab Truck Only

June 12, 2008,


I am an owner/operator leased on to Market Transport out of Portland, OR. I met up with a driver in Lodi, CA where he was busy sticking Airtab to the fenders of his International. I asked him what the heck he was doing and he informed me that 'these little doodad's" improved his fuel economy. So I went online, took a look, and the rest is history. I purchased Airtab for my tractor at the end of April, 2008. I installed them on May 1. According to the fuel statistics as supplied by Market Transport, my fuel mileage before Airtab was 6.116 mpg (April 2008), after Airtab it was 6.582 mpg (May 2008). I have noticed that in the windy conditions of California, where the wind comes from the front at an angle, the truck is more stable than before. The vision is better in the sense that the rain is deflected away from the trailer, allowing for better mirror visibility. The 'tabs' on the lower fairing actually keep the wheels cleaner as well.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, these results where achieved running Oregon, Washington and California, where the speed of the vehicle is substantially lower than in other states, AND the trailers that we pull are not the standard 13' 6' trailer but the 14 foot high trailers. I have attached a picture of the truck. I have emailed the person in charge of the shop at Market Transport about my Airtabs and hope to get a response soon. Ivor Hillsboro, OR August 6, 2008, Jack, I have now been running with Airtab for 3 months and thought you may be interested to know the results. These figures are based on the numbers as collected by Market Transport.

For the 3 months before fitting Airtab: Dispatched miles: 32,268 fuel: 5,338.2 gal MPG: 6.04

For 3 months with Airtab: Dispatched miles: 30,809 fuel: 4,802 MPG: 6.41

For ALL those disbelievers out there: these are reports that were extracted from the company computer, and is NOT just wishfull numbers 'manipulated' by an owner operator.

 Thanks for a really good product

Ivor Hillsboro, OR

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July 18, 2008,

Airtab, I wanted to send you some pics of your airtabs installed and painted for my t2000. We added a pop rivet to each airtab since extenders are slightly curved, adds more strength. so far have noticed a 2% fuel economy increase as well as increased stability in winds. Get a lot of questions about these, and highly recommend them!


Kevin R. Web City, MO.

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I have attached some photos of my old truck and the new one (both with Airtabs). If they work for you please feel free to use the images and/or text in this message. I use company trailers and only have the Airtabs on my tractor. Since we started using Airtabs we have noticed an extreme improvement in crosswind stability. The Airtabs have also greatly improved our side mirror visibility in wet road conditions. These improvement were so impressive that Airtabs were the first thing we installed on our newest truck! Installation is easy and there are no permanent effects on the truck. If the Airtabs work this well on just the tractor I'm sure a tractor/trailer application would be even better!

 Thanks Airtab!

Dennis M (Returning Customer)

Owner Operator

Airtab Truck Only Airtab Truck Only

"Hello, the air tabs are working great. They have lasted for several miles since I put them on in April 2005 and several rains, and washes at the blue beacon which uses some very high power water pressure. They are giving me around .2 - .3 mpg increase in MPG. I know this doesn't seem like a lot but really it is especially for the weight I carry. I am paid by the ton weight so as you expect the best load for me is always 40 tons. I am almost always 79,500+ lbs. when loaded.

 I do not have a digital camera to take pictures with but will try to meet up with David soon and I believe he has one I can use and then get him to email them to you. As I mentioned on the phone with you this week I talked to my boss about them. I was waiting on getting some trailer work done and he walked by on the other side of the truck. I didn't see him and he came looking for me to ask questions about them. He seemed impressed enough to go straight off to his office to look it up on the web."

John H. Tullahoma, TN

Airtab, LLC would like to point out that John pulls a "end dump" and only has Airtabs on his tractor. Driving 100,000 miles per year at a fuel cost of $2.50, a fuel increase of .2 MPG equates to dollar savings of $1,344.09.

Hey, We couldn't find a ladder while we were in Denver, so we just put the Airtabs up the side of the sleeper as far as we could reach. Then we tackled WY winds. Even with only half the tabs installed, the difference was amazing!! The winds weren't bad westbound, but we had 50+ mph crosswinds over Elk on the way back. John is totally sold on Airtabs now. They improved handling so much that we couldn't believe it. We had waited 13 hours in Rawlins for the winds to get below 60. Now we believe we could have made the run pulling our light trailer right through the middle of the winds. We can't wait to install the rest of the tabs just to see what kind of mpg increase we get. Then I took the wheel through Kansas. Every once in a while the winds would rock the truck a little, but I didn't wear out my arms fighting the steering wheel and didn't really feel the crosswind. I think it was in the 30's. We have already started telling others about the tabs.

 God bless,

Lula P.

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April 2009,

Airtab, I am an owner-operator who is purchasing my truck from a major carrier. On October 1, 2008 I installed your Airtab product on my truck. The purpose of my buying Airtabs was to save on fuel. Little did I realize the other benefits that Airtabs provided. Other than the fuel savings the two other added benefits I feel are safety related. I now have a better handling vehicle especially in crosswinds. The other safety benefit is my ability to see well in my mirrors which presents me a much better view when driving in rain and snow. This allows me to clearly see vehicles approaching from the rear for safer lane changes. I now can see other vehicles behind me because of the lack of road spray. I cannot believe this inexpensive Airtab product can do so much in enhancing my mirror visibility and improve my vehicle stability. I have had other truckers' even comment on the lack of road spray the truck generating.

Not only do I have the Airtabs on the side fairing but I also placed Airtabs on the front bumper in front of the steers and was astonished to observe that the wheel hubs were kept dry. Unbelievable! From October 1, 2008 through March 31, 2009 I have driven 63,679 miles with the Airtabs on my truck. I pride myself keeping accurate records using my driversdailylog software program.

I went back and pulled my monthly reports for the same months the year before and I was pleased to notice what I had already suspected. I have been getting about 8% better fuel mileage using the Airtabs. I have attached my numbers for your review. Regardless of the 8 % fuel savings I would have been very satisfied with the better handling vehicle and the better mirror visibility in wet conditions. The $220 I spent on the purchase of my Airtabs was well worth it. When I get another truck the Airtabs will be on it before I get on the road!!What a great inexpensive safety and fuel saving product for the trucking industry.

 Sincerely, J

MI    * Please Click Here to view "Fuel Comparison" chart in PDF format. *

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Received August 3, 2009,

I installed Airtabs on my West Coast mirrors in 2008. Just as the Airtabs decrease the buildup of dirt and snow on the back of the truck, rain and snow don't wrap around the mirrors. There is a small area in the lower, outer corner of the mirrors that gets wet, but nowhere near as bad as they used to be. I'm inherently lazy, so it's great to not have to clean my mirrors as often. To blend in with the mirrors I painted them silver using Krylon Fusion for Plastic paint. I would also recommend using Krylon Fusion Clearcoat before installing them. To overcome the curvature of the mirror backs I used Automotive Goop to help secure them.

Thanks for a great product.



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April 2008,

Hi Kent,

 I am waiting to load in Lake Charles La. I have some extra time on my hands so I thought I would let you know what I think of the air tabs. I have now driven approximately 1600 Miles with the air tabs on my truck . On the way down I was in some pretty strong side and head winds . I would have to say that that I noticed a marked improvement regarding the effect of the wind on my truck . I noticed much less side shifting and it seems to me that the truck moves at highway speeds with less effort and wants to go straight down the road. I was also in some extremely heavy rain from Memphis right down to Baton Rouge ( arrived in Jackson Mississippi 15 minutes after a tornado went through ) . Sometimes in heavy rain it gets difficult to see the traffic behind you. This never happened to me. I am not saying that my vision to the rear was unimpaired but there is definitely a great improvement. As far as fuel savings is concerned, it is too early to tell but it would seem to me that it's a no brainer. I have almost 650,000 miles on my truck and it would have been nice to have these right from day one.

Yours Truly,


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October 2009,

I finally installed my airtabs on Monday. I had bough them at the Dallas truck (GATS 2009) show but hadn't put them on yet. On Monday I got a call from Jack Latimer from Airtabs and he was wondering how they were working out for me. I told him that I hadn't put them on yet because I had put other things on the truck first that I had also put on at the truck show. As most of you know I had to put on my Pittsburgh power stuff first. Now I have the Airtabs and I love them.

My truck no longer sways in the breeze and I couldn't believe the handling improvement in the severe cross wind I was in. I drove in a cross wind all day and usually my arms would hurt so bad by the end of the day. Not this day though I actually had to check the trees and flags to see if the wind had calmed down. I'm not making this stuff up. You will just have to try them to see for yourself. Yesterday and today I had a chance to try them out in the rain. I can actually see the cars in my mirrors even if they don't have their headlights on, the spray is cut way down. I cannot believe the difference with the Airtabs on my truck and I'm kinda sorry I waited so long to put them on. Oh and one more thing on the level with a head wind my boost gauge is down 3 to 4 lbs and I am pulling the hills even better.

Jackie Wormley

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Received November 2010,


 I now have 50,000 miles on my truck and I am told the DD 15 gets broken in at about 65,000 to 70,000 miles. Since the truck is brand new I don't have a MPG comparison without the Airtabs. But I can comment on my observations using Airtabs. The Airtabs on the truck I am getting lots of questions on the road about if they work or not. I will tell you all this for the small investment that these little triangles are, they are worth the money. The reason they are is because they do work. In the cross wind you do not fight the wheel throughout the day. In the rain you do not get the spray on the mirrors or up the side of the trailers which can cause visibility to be poor. These two reasons alone make them worth it. Without fighting the wheel you are less tired which makes you a safer driver. The visibility situation goes without saying that they improve safety in the wet weather.

Gina A. and She-La

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Received September 9, 2011,


 I purchased and installed my black Airtabs at the end of June 2011. (See pictures below) Some of my comments about my Airtab experience. My fuel MPG went from an average 5.8 mpg before putting on Airtabs to 6.2 after installing Airtabs. I have made no other improvements other than standard repairs and maintenance. I have not noticed any increased visibility when driving in the rain. However, crosswinds and stability have been affected. It's as if I was an arrow and suddenly I have fletchings. I can feel the truck straightening out in crosswinds. There is a vast reduction in road noise from the sleeper. I used to set my in dash radio at volume 14 and now I comfortably listen at volume 11 to 12. The bottom of my windshield has fewer bugs than before (slightly). I occasionally see a bug fly off course when it flies directly over an AirTab and miss me, but they should definitely be much further back on my hood. I am very happy with the purchase and I think they grow on you. If you do a good job putting them on you begin to like how they look and it makes it allot easier to find my rig in the company lot.


Airtab Truck Only Airtab Truck Only

Jack, I purchased a kit in early November 2011. I finally got the Airtabs installed over the Thanksgiving break and have noticed a significant change and safety benefit after the installation. I have not noticed an increase in fuel economy, but per our discussion; I am attributing that to the winter fuel and will be satisfied with the current level through the season. I have encountered high winds on multiple occasions, for extended periods; along with gusty yaw winds upwards of 35 miles per hour. These winds would have pushed me off the road before, considering the light weights of the freight I have been hauling; but with the Airtabs, I have only noticed a slight push and the truck moves through the wind seemingly effortlessly.

Thanks and have a great day!

Sincerely, Matthew

Airtab Truck Only

Airtab install on a 2008 Volvo 670 Wife and I purchased the airtabs on Monday July 9, 2012. We dont have any idea about fuel savings yet, but we definitely feel a difference in the vehicle stability when we bobtailed. Hopefully in a week or two we can get more for the trailer. Also installing them was not hard at all, take your time and do a good vehicle preparation before installing them. Thank you for a reasonable priced product.

Sincerely Jesse & Stephanie Youngblood (Top Cat Trucking LLC Sparta, Tn).

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