Received December 21, 2008

Jack, I'm a skeptic by nature.There's only 38 airtabs on the truck total and I looked at it once I installed them & said the affects would be negligible at best. Jack this is an amazing product. It rained like crazy when I drove that day. As you can see....mirrors are clean, car behind truck is cleaner. I did not have to struggle with the steering wheel all day...I did not even notice when I passed or a truck passed me!!!!!!!!! Truly amazing...To early for fuel mileage. I'll up date you after a few tanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Received December 31, 2008

Jack, this is just my 1st trip for December but it seems that I can see a .1 to .2 miles per gallon increase. Will keep you posted. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony T. Atlanta, GA

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January 2, 2009

I've always heard good things about Airtabs but had concerns whether they would work for my truck because I drive an enclosed car carrier. I gave them a call and spoke to Jack Latimer. I described my operation to him and he told me he would check with the engineers and get back with me. He called me back a few days later and he told me the engineers suggested to try them. After I installed the Airtabs I noticed a significant change in the stability of my truck. The normal shaking and rocking went down immediately as did the turbulence I usually got when other vehicles were in front of me. The Airtabs redirected the spray in the rear of my truck, which gave me considerably better visibility in my mirrors. Also, a bonus to the stability I got with Airtabs was a difference in fuel savings. In November and December of 2007 my average mile per gallon was 5.778, in November and December of 2008, the two months that I've had Airtabs installed my mile per gallon is up to 6.030. I recommend anybody thinking of trying Airtab to do so. The added stability it gives your vehicle is worth the investment.Vernon J. M.Copperas, TX Airtab company comments: The concern was the trailing edge of the second trailer has a vertical bar that is a locking mechanism for the tarp that may interfere with the airflow to the Airtabs. After consulting with the engineer the decision was made if Airtabs can work at all, they would be best if placed as far forward as possible ON the boattail of the second trailer. The Airtabs were placed on the sides and roof of the boat tail on the second trailer and only on the roof of the first trailer. As you can read by Vernon's comments he is very happy with the performance of the Airtabs.

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