October 4, 2009

Dear Jack,

Here is a photo of my truck that have the AirTabs installed. There are a grand total of 63 on the sides and top. They helped me maintain 6.5 mpg with a 5 foot tall load that weighed out at 46,000 pounds.

I have noticed that the flow around the front end of my tarps has changed. They have actually saved me money on the repair of my tarps, around the flap end, because of the change in airflow. My truck feels like it is just gliding through the air too.


Patrick D.

Airtab Flatbed Trailer

November 3, 2009


Since installing Airtabs I have noticed visibility in my mirrors (able to see better toward the rear) has increased in the rain and the money for tarp repairs has been cut down significantly. My fuel economy has also increased a bit since installation. I've been averaging between 6.5 and 7.0 mpg where as before I was only averaging 6.1-6.3 mpg.

Patrick D.

July 2005

Hello this is Jack H,

I recently purchased a set of Airtabs for my 1998 century class freightliner. My truck would not handle well in strong winds, until I installed air tabs, now my truck is more stable in strong cross winds or just severe weather conditions. You can really tell the difference thank you air tabs.

Thank you

Airtab Note:Jack is a flat bed operator