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Fuel Economy

Fuel economy improvements are achieved by aerodynamic drag reduction at two key locations; the tractor-trailer gap and the back facing surface of any square backed vehicle or trailer including RVs, buses, straight trucks and cube vans.

2-5% range : Rapid ROI in commercial use


Vehicle stability improvement, reduced lane excursions, roll over risk and improved handling in gusty wind conditions; Improved rear view mirror visibility and safer lane changes in rain or snow.

No impact on Vehicle Loading Operations

How Airtabs™ Work

Each Airtab™ produces two vortices of air, each approximately 4 to 5 times the height of the Airtab® and several feet in length. These tight swirls of air "bridge the gap" between tractor and trailer and lets air flow more smoothly into the vacuum at the rear of the vehicle..

No maintenance or special training required


What does wind cost you? A 90 second video

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"The best design is the simplest design that works."

 - Albert Einstein

Airtab fuel saversAirtab® Fuel Savers
are powerful vortex generators that reduce vehicle drag, save fuel, and improve vehicle safety by improving stability and mirror visibility in rain or snow. Airtabs™ are usable and applicable to a wide range of vehicles including trucks, tractor trailers, RVs, coach, bus, van or any square backed vehicle or trailer.

Airtab® Fuel Savers provide users with the following benefits:

FUEL ECONOMY: 2-5% range in fuel savings
SAFETY: Airtabs™ drastically alter the airflows at the vehicles rear and help stabilize the vehicle or trailer, especially in gusty and/or cross wind conditions. This improves handling quality, reduces driver stress and fatigue and reduces adjacent lane incursions. Airtabs™ increase vehicle safety by improving mirror visibility in rain or snow yielding safer lane changes in bad weather.
LOW COST: Rapid Return on Investment (ROI). For long haul operations, less than 60 days for tractor and trailer equipped with Airtabs. Less than 90 days for tractor only equipped with Airtabs.
ZERO MAINTENANCE: No maintenance or special training is required.
RAPID INSTALL: Usually 1 man-hour per unit. Minimum vehicle downtime and no special equipment needed.

Fuel economy improvements are achieved by vehicle aerodynamic drag reduction at two key locations; the tractor trailer gap and the rear facing surface of any square backed truck, trailer, RV, coach, bus or van.
Airtabs™ improve vehicle stability and safety by altering the airflow patterns at the vehicle's rear. The large random swirls at the rear doors are replaced by dozens of small, vigorous, "stream-wise" counter rotating vortices that trail several feet behind the vehicle. This airflow alteration improves vehicle stability, improves handling quality in gusty winds, reduces driver workload, stress and fatigue and reduces the number of adjacent lane incursions.
Airtabs™ improve vehicle safety through spray suppression improving mirror visibility in rain or snow. This delivers safer vehicle lane changes as well as improving the visibility of other road users.
Airtabs™ reduce snow (and weight) and road grime accumulation at the vehicle rear. Cleaning costs are reduced and vehicle safety is improved by keeping conspicuity tape and brake/tail/running lights more visible.
Airtabs™ are a proven technology. Airtabs™ are an award winning, effective, low cost, rapid return on investment, low weight, no maintenance product that do far more than save fuel. Airtabs™ help to make large vehicles and trailers safer to drive in all weather conditions.
Airtabs™ are in use around the world and have withstood scrutiny in many different markets and applications. Airtabs™ have garnered accolades from both NASA and our customers for simplicity, performance efficacy, safe practices compliance and innovation.

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