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We found out a little "air control" paid off, big time.

Albertville Minnesota. LongHaul Trucking is a medium sized fleet hauling high value specialty loads using flat bed trailers with Role-Tite™ covers

Mr. Bob Ward, Equipment Sales and Service Manager heard about Airtabs™ from some of his O/Os who had installed them. "They were all saying the same things about the Airtab®... how they saved fuel and stabilized their vehicles. They also noticed how the tarps behaved... much less flapping than normal. We investigated their claims and after a trial, the decision to buy was not difficult. LongHaul found that Airtabs™ perform exactly as claimed. They provide our drivers with a more stable and safer ride, better visibility in rain and an impressive 3% fuel savings when mounted on the tractor farings alone. We look forward to savings in the 4 to 5% range with all units equipped."

When asked about any other benefits, Mr. Ward continued: "The drivers love them because they reduce the "white knuckling" in gusty winds. The Airtab® product is simple to install and has no impact on our daily operations. The combination of a low purchase price and high fuel costs produces a remarkably fast payback the 60 to 90 day range for our long range vehicles. The decision was obvious."

When asked for about any comparable products, Mr. Ward replied: "Airtabs are probably the most cost effective and practical after market fuel saving device to ever hit this industry. I'd recommend them to anyone."

Date: May 18, 2008


Contact: Bob Ward - Equipment, Sales and Service Manager

LongHaul Trucking

Phone: 800 255 5153 X682