Aeroserve Technologies Receives Commendation for Improvements to Vehicle Aerodynamics


Hall of Fame Award

Aeroserve Technologies of was honoured at the 25th Annual National Space Symposium. Dinner on April 2nd, 2009 with a Recognition Award from the Space Foundation for work in improving vehicle aerodynamics. This ceremony held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.

Working with vortex generators originally developed by Gary Wheeler and tested extensively by NASA for flow control, Aeroserve refined and commercialized the technology resulting in their Airtab product.

 Airtabs are small, lightweight low parasitic drag vortex generators that help to shield the gap between tractor and trailer and smooth the airflow at the rear of any square backed vehicle. Fuel savings average 3% in extensive real world applications. They are easily installed and are maintenance free. Improvements in handling and reduction in spray behind the vehicle have been consistently reported by all users. This commendation and induction into the space Technology Hall of Fame stems, in part, from research done at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center by the Aerodynamic Vehicle Design Program team.

The Space Technology Hall of Fame was created in 1988 by the Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, to increase public awareness of the benefits resulting from space exploration programs and to encourage further innovation. To date, the Space Foundation has inducted 59 technologies as well as honouring the organizations and individuals who transformed space technology into commercial products that improve the quality of life for all humanity.

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For AirtabsTM, the awards and recognition keep coming.

Aeroserve Technologies, makers of Airtab® are pleased to announce that the Airtab has now been placed in the NASA Space Shuttle Spin-Off Technology displays in Space Shuttle Museums at four locations in the US. These displays will open soon at the Smithsonian Institution at the Washington Dulles Airport, the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, the Intrepid Museum in New York City and in the California Science Centre in Los Angeles. These displays highlight commercially available products and innovations that have sprung from NASA research and the Space Shuttle Program. This prestigious endorsement follows the awarding of a Certificate of Commendation and induction into The Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2009.

As of 1 May 2012, Aeroserve and L-D Tool & Die, the manufacturer of Airtab® surpassed the two million manufactured milestone for sales in the US, Canada and over a dozen other countries worldwide,

Mr. Ron Davidson, CEO of Aeroserve; "We're honoured to be included in such a prestigious display. Our first target market was the Owner/Operators in North America, They buy their own fuel, so we believed Airtabs were a logical fit for them. The drivers tried them out, liked the performance and told others that Airtabs deliver. Word of mouth is doing the rest. The drivers only wish all the trailers they haul were fitted with Airtabs as well. They aren't miracles, but they perform as advertised. People like them."


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